Anna Reikher is an Italian-based designer who incorporates playful and intricate aesthetics to showcase the beauty of the natural world.

Anna's passion for art started during early childhood. She was born Russia, grew up in Israel, then moved to Italy where she currently lives. Her parents are also from different origins, so she has never felt tied to one nationality, giving her a worldly lifestyle and adapting to many different cultures.

Anna's art reflects her different artistic traditions from various cultures, without being bound to a specific one, which gives freedom to her creativity. 

She started experimenting with 3D printed jewelry back in 2015, realizing it was the perfect match to create her own unique designs, while being able to make complex shapes and fine details.

Her pieces are crafted using handmade drawings and digital sculpting, which she prototypes in her studio in Milan. Her final creations are 3D printed in a process which combines the technology of 3D printing with the traditional wax casting technique, developed by humans thousands of years ago.

Her jewelry reflects her experiences and the things she loves, including animals and insects. Anna is fascinated by their beauty, diverse anatomy, and their ability to adapt themselves to new challenges and spend their life in constant movement, reflecting on her life experiences of living and adapting to different cultures. Nature for her is the perfect place to find inner peace and concentration. The more she spends time in nature, the more she becomes influenced by its beauty and the more creative she becomes reflected in her jewels.


Orchid Praying Mantis pendant, some sketches and 3D printed prototypes



Anna Reikher's jewelry works on the principles of respect and curiosity for the natural world.

We ensure that our designs are addressing the issues of landfill and over-consumerism. By producing in small batches and on demand, we minimizes production and precious metals material waist.

Our Charity Partners

Each of our sales donate 5% to Buglife that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat.