Collection: Nympharum Capsule collection

Introducing the Nympharum Collection: A collaboration between Bibian Blue and Anna Reikher

Bibian Blue, a cutting age Barcelona fashion designer who specializes in Corset couture & Bridal atelier, and Anna Reikher, an Italy based jewelry designer who combines art and technology, have joined forces to create a vintage inspired capsule collection of jewelry. The Nympharum Collection is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement and the beauty of nature, showcasing stunning designs of women in sterling silver with dragonfly and monarch butterfly wings, representing freedom, transformation, and grace.

The Nympharum Collection is not only a fashion statement, but also a tribute to art and technology, combining the best of both worlds. Each piece is a result of a careful process that involves hand-drawn sketches, digital sculpting, 3D printing, and wax casting. The final product is a unique and exquisite piece of jewelry that is made to order and eco-friendly.
The Nympharum Collection is available exclusively at Bibian Blue and Anna Reikher’s online stores.